Patterns of Change (POC) Wellness

The dance of getting where you want to go.

We all have habitual responses and reactions to daily situations in life.  These behavior responses are made up of three primary functions: our thoughts, our feelings and our actions.  We react in any given moment most often through old behaviors.  For instance, when we feel anxious some of us have an urge to eat rather than experience the discomfort.  This is a choice that comes from a stuck habit.  It is possible to make new choices however which only come from awareness.  Awareness of our patterns can allow us to make new choices that lead to more healthful behaviors.  One’s choices are not necessarily right or wrong.  However, with an intention of wellness, some of these automatic responses become old habits that are self sabotaging and often lead to less compassionate feelings about our self.  We all have hundreds of habitual responses, some very useful to our efforts to ‘move forward’ in our life’s healing and health goals and obviously other actions are quite detrimental to the ‘who’ we want to be.  Our innate habits and rituals are our dances, our body/mind expressions to our everyday needs.  Our conscious and unconscious behavior patterns have a huge effect not only on our self concept but also on our relationship with others.  

Our physical presence, our feelings, our thoughts or lack of thought communicates who we are to our self and with others.  These thought, feeling, action functions overlap and synthesize and become default patterns.  How we think effects how we feel and how we feel about our self effects how we behave and move in relation to others.  Our brains are wired to experience this feedback loop in patterns.  Given the neuroplasticity of our brain this automatic feedback loop can be observed, re-wired, and new patterns can be practiced to create new neuro-pathways.  This core fundamental change, when practiced, allows people to get to the root of all habit changes so wellness goals can develop with a firm foundation. 

Patterns of Change is a multidimensional educational process born out of dance/movement therapy theory and techniques and applied to wellness goals.  Dance/movement therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement that promotes emotional, cognitive, physical, spiritual and social integration of individuals.  It is a personal growth discipline in which the therapist meets the client in the moment by matching an individuals movement patterns, responding to the thoughts and ideas being spoken, as well as embracing the emotion being expressed.  The therapeutic response is in support of expanding new possibilities for body behavior expression; reframing new perspectives of thinking; and offering movement activities to help self regulate feelings and emotions.  All these points of intervention help bring the individual closer to new conscious choices and towards their personal wellness goals.  Dance/movement therapy activities allow participants to learn about the non-verbal expressiveness of their actions, and how they might affect the way they walk, stand, deal with stress, and even play.  The dance spoken of is not a stylized form but purely simple everyday movement expression.

As a Wellness design, these interventions and activities directly tap in on fundamental habit re-patterning.  When we reframe our thoughts to hopeful positive outcomes; when we attain management and expression of our emotions; when we increase the awareness of our body and movement presence and the dance we communicate in our relationships; all of these shifts in patterns and brain function lead us to a permanent increase in well being and healthier choices.  We become unstuck in our habit patterns and new possibilities open up for healthier and increased pleasure in one’s life.

The dance of getting ‘where you want go’ is the act of going from one point in your life to another.  It is a process.  We are always in transition.  These transitions call upon our core fundamental patterns to adjust, re-sequence, and realign.  Although Patterns of Change is primarily based on dance/movement therapy theory and methods, it is shared by other disciplines particularly within concepts of wellness.  The Patterns of Change program addresses the core natural phenomena of habit change in a step by step learning and experiential process.  Small steps allow each person to choose their own unique wellness intentions or goals, learning new strategies that tap in on thoughts, actions and emotions, while practicing creative new choices that support the unfolding of fundamental shifts.  It is an intimate getting to know your self and becoming your own best friend.  It is a ‘you with you’ process that taps in on your own personal quest.  The process is taught in groups or individually.  The advantage of being in a group is that it allows participants to gain from sharing experiences and getting the support from others as they embark on their own journeys. While experimenting with new thoughts, feeling approaches, and interaction sequences with others it can be comforting to be in a group and build a sense of community, Patterns of Change is a practical experiential program that can be joyful and fun.  When the fundamentals of how our mind, body and emotions are observed, interrupted, and creatively re-aligned, sustainable re-patterning, with practice, will develop into the everyday changes you want to make for yourself.  These shifts will allow reorganized action patterns to emerge into fresh pathways creating new outcomes leading toward ‘getting where you want to go’.