Patterns of Change Wellness

The dance of getting where you want to go.

Learn fundamental skills to re-pattern unproductive habits.  It is a personal quest!  The Patterns of Change Concept is a step by step experiential learning process. 

Habits are our default patterns.  These responses are made up of three primary brain functions: thoughts, feelings, actions.  Each function effects the other.  We react in each moment most often through old behaviors. In this class you will be guided to practice new conscious choices through discussion, short meditations, skills to reframe thoughts and experiment with new simple movement expressions.

Sometimes we are conscious of what we are revealing and other times we simply aren’t aware of what we are communicating to ourselves or others.  You will become conscious of your patterns and practice new skill choices that will align with your wellness goals.

This program effects nutritional/exercise habits, embraces self esteem concerns, anxiety and a myriad of other practices that are often self-sabotaging.  We all have hundreds of habitual responses.  You will be able to discern subtle patterns that ‘move you forward’ in your life’s healing and let go of the habits detrimental to the ‘who’ you want to be.

For a more in-depth description on the Patterns of Change Concept, click here.