Movement Psychotherapy

Individual and Group

We all express our ‘dance of self’ daily through gesture, posture, rhythm, and movement attitude.  In these everyday movement phrases we project our self as a metaphor in the world.  Our personal dance/movement patterns say ‘who we are, where we have come from and how we step into the continual unknown of life changes and relationships’.

The discipline and profession of dance/movement therapy hones in on an individual’s personal ‘self dance’ as part of the psychotherapy process.  This body/mind intervention enhances the effectiveness of personal goals being accomplished.  Such themes as anxiety, depression, trauma, addictive patterns, negative self image, relationship conflicts and life changing choices are all addressed through dialogue and movement activities.

The work is from the ‘inside out’ and the ‘outside in’ at the same time.  The DMT verbally and non-verbally offers the client experiences that further develop self care skills, manage feelings, calibrate behaviors and bring insight and consciousness to detrimental coping mechanisms.  All of these steps create an internal realignment that allows productive personal action to become realized.

For a more in-depth description on dance/movement therapy with adults, click here.

Women’s Support Group

The Women’s Support Group applies concepts, techniques and tools from the Move & Change System.  The small group structure offers a safe, cohesive and creative environment for sharing and developing new personal skills.  The group participants are often women who want the camaraderie and feedback of a group experience and who are curious about adding movement/dance activities to their growth and problem solving process.  This group may be complimentary to other ongoing growth and wellness modalities, and will help in attaining personal goals through a straightforward, soulful and pragmatic approach.