Leadership Training

The Move and Change Concept is an approach to learning and professional mastery specifically designed for executives and leaders. Because research consistently shows that 94% of our impact as communicators is determined by our use of non-verbal, physical cues, this program encourages and guides leaders to expand their effectiveness by bringing their bodies to work as intentionally as their minds. Executives who are able to develop and integrate their physical intelligence with their emotional intelligence, and who become better able to put their bodies into conscious, strategic action become more masterful at influencing others, communicating clearly and precisely, and building the flexibility and resilience needed to manage escalating professional challenges.

This approach to strengthening the key dimensions of physical intelligence uses a sequence of activities that recognizes and enhances each executive’s existing, personal leadership style, communication preferences, and problem solving profile. Most importantly, though, the skills and tools learned through this approach go beyond theory to focus on real world applications and bottom line results.

Designed to be logical, inviting, and safe, the Move and Change Concept focuses on learning and practicing those patterns, both internal and behavioral, that determine your overall physical presence and whether your gestures and movement will enable you to influence others successfully. Such re-patterning introduces new options for using your personal physical vocabulary as effectively as your words to achieve your executive goals, and with such expanded flexibility, you’ll be able to integrate ideas, self-awareness, and action to manage different, important situations with greater confidence and success.

For instance, leaders face distinctly different obstacles when working with different personalities. Resolving conflict or negotiating agreements with a contentious peer, leading a team through a high risk project, or presenting a compelling case for change to a skeptical audience all are situations that present different challenges in body communication skills. Each of these situations requires a different kind of physical presence and the Move and Change Concept will dramatically enhance your ability to make the right choice in the moment so that your non-verbal communication is matched with the outcome you’re seeking.