What People Say

“Judith is one of the rare individuals I’ve worked with who really knows how to use physical experience and physical intelligence to accelerate personal change and increase its impact.  Throw in the fact that she’s also curious, compassionate, practical, and fun, and she embodies the profile of a truly effective resource for learning and change.” – Executive Director, Professional Association

“Judith Fischer is a gifted practitioner. She combines insight, compassion and intelligence through Move & Change System.” – Psychiatric Social Worker, LCSW-C

“In my work with Judith I continue to discover there are more satisfying ways being in the world than those I was brought up with. Sometimes if my intellectual understanding is stuck, Judith suggests that I get up and move in her studio and this can open things up. Or, it can happen that while talking I’ll gain an insight and then Judith guides me in movement activity that can ‘open things up’ which brings it into my being at a physical level, allowing my cells to experience, integrate and remember new patterns of feeling and responding. Over the years this combination has brought about significant improvements in the quality of my life.” – Nurse practitioner in a Wellness Center

“Having had many professional discussions over the years with Judith Fischer, it is gratifying to see how she has developed her many ideas into a systematic way of working which meets individual needs both personally and/or for further professional development. Her creative approach assures that each situation is seen uniquely and with respect for the individual. I have previously been comfortable in referring people for therapy to her, and certainly believe that she can be of great help to others in offering her Move and Change System.” – Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist & President of a Nonprofit Professional Foundation

“My work is helping people and organizations manage their stress, and it’s critical that I not impose my anxiety and fears on them. Judith’s work has helped me recognize the exquisite interplay of my thoughts, feelings and actions when old habits and patterns get triggered, and to shift quickly to hearing what my clients need. Judith has been instrumental in helping me clear my filters, which has let me stay on top of my game (both professionally and personally).” – Organization development consultant, personal coach and adjunct faculty at an area college

“Unique to the expressive arts is its non verbal capacity to unleash hidden blocks, release suppressed potential, ignite meaningful avenues for problem solving, and provide a framework to direct new energy into the formulation of previously unrealized creative solutions. The MCS Process offers participants the opportunity to simultaneously tap the special capacities of problem solving genius residing in both right and left hemisphere approaches. The MCS process in itself is a ‘dance metaphor,’ where various aspects of one’s Self are engaged in non ordinary inner dialogs. MCS Offers a safe space where critical judgments can be suspended, former limitations can be recognized, understood, and embraced. A space where expert guidance provides methods where old patterns can be consciously released. This consolidating process provides a systematic opening to an interior space where integrated self empowerment can be realized from a deep place of INNER KNOWING. I wholeheartedly recommend Judith’s program to any person or group ready to awaken, integrate and implement possibilities into probabilities.” – Former Art Educator, Registered Art Therapist

“Move and Change is an accessible and innovative tool for implementing the changes we all want to make in our lives on the very deepest level. A holistic approach based in science, the technique gives us all a chance to release ourselves from those unproductive patterns in our lives and create a new possibility for change, something which I have found especially valuable in the area of nutrition and altering/improving unwanted dietary habits. Unlike other programs, through Move and Change, Judith has created a unique and incredible way of incorporating movement into the thought-feeling process to help facilitate that shift, so it can become more permanent in our lives. Not only is the concept cutting edge, but Judith’s years of expertise in the field make the Move and Change experience truly extraordinary.” – MSc, CNS – Holistic and Biomedical Nutritionist

“Judith Fischer is on to something exciting. Knowing yourself is essential if you are going to make choices that enhance your life. With life’s constant distractions, that knowledge can be fleeting.  Discovering a way to preserve the knowledge and have it work for you is transformational. Judith teaches a skill that you can practice with an eye to enjoying a richer life.” – Focusing Teacher-in-Training and Fellow Seeker

“Judith gently challenges my defenses and supports my strengths. I leave our sessions together with a sense of hope, supported in my process and unafraid to take my next step.” – Massage Therapist

“For a long time Judith has assisted me in learning to recuperate. As I’ve gotten better at this within many dimensions in my life I’ve added in quality of life issues. Real change is gradual. I have learned this from Judith. She focuses me in on the specifics and illuminates my strengths as I attend to a more manageable piece at a time and have faith in the rest. My increased ability to be real, has led me to develop personally and professionally.” – Therapeutic Recreation Specialist