The Movement Relationship of Parts with Self

This is a description of the latest workshop I have given for mental health professionals. It was part of an Advanced Trauma Training Certificate program.

This workshop is an introduction to the interface of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model and fundamental movement interventions of Dance/movement therapy (DMT). We will actively practice methods and techniques that combine verbal dialogue, movement expression and witnessing as a holistic approach.

This multidimensional treatment process guides clients to resolve past traumas and developmental wounds by attending to the body, mind and spirit.

You will be introduced to new skills in the areas of: Self-energy presence as a therapist and increased competence in observing and witnessing movement cues of client’s Parts.

We will also experientially explore movement as metaphor and discuss the relevance of the creative capacity to accept, without judgment, interactions that facilitate the IFS steps of unblending, unburdening, and transformation.

Movement expression for all human beings is the body’s instinctive reflexive response to our internal sensations, thoughts, and feelings in the moment.

Our non-verbal resonance with our clients will activate energetic healing both internally and externally. You will learn about the effects of the body’s use of space, shape, rhythm, posture, and gestures as well as be introduced to the skills of reflective, reciprocal and parallel movement expression. We will explore how these non-verbal skills very often can have greater influence than our words.